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About Us

Mineral Resources of the State

Punjab is blessed with three perennial rivers. These rivers contribute abundantly to the Minor Mineral in the State. Minor Mineral deposits sand and gravel are abundantly available to meet the requirements of the State besides contribution to the requirement of the adjoining States. These Minerals deposits get replenished each year due to continuous flow of water during flood season.

Department of Mines and Geology

Department of Mines and Geology, Punjab was formulated in year 2018 and thereafter vide order dated 29.07.2020 of the Government of Punjab, Mines and Geology Department has been merged with Water Resources Department Punjab. The main functions & activities of the department are survey and assessment of the mineral deposits of the State, their exploitation, administration of mines and mineral concession, checking illegal mining and enforcement of measure for curbing illegal mining and collection of mining revenue. Besides ensuring strict environmental measures are being adhered to.

Vision :-

  • To provide sand to the general public at reasonable price.
  • Easy access to the mining sites.
  • payment through digital mode.


Department of Mines & Geology, Punjab.

The digital platform of Department of Mines & Geology, Punjab. is developed with the following objectives:

1. To provide easy and affordable access to Sand/Gravel to consumers/trade.

2. To provide the service offered by the Department in online mode.